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Resources Available Within Our Community!

Updated: May 22, 2023

As the Renton Innovation Zone Partnership (RIZP) transitions its facilitation of the Skyway Resource Center (SRC) and focuses more on building development and renovations of the former U.S. Bank building in Skyway for SRC operations, Public Health-Seattle & King County and King County Department of Local Services are collaborating to host future Skyway Resource Center events in Skyway.

While we are preparing our new home (the Former US Bank Building in Skyway), you will still be able to see our hard work during the construction phase of our new building!

Here’s what we will be up to:

  • Now - 2024: Continuous planning for the Skyway Resource Center, involving it’s resources and building development

  • Summer 2023: Groundbreaking & Construction Starts

  • 2024: The New Skyway Resource Center building is slated to open!

Check out the listing below to view the community resources that are still available. Please note that list will be updated with resources periodically.

Health & Wellness

Camp Korey

Available Resources: Our purpose is to create empowering, adaptive year-round programs for children and their families living with life-altering medical conditions, free of charge. Our resources include:

Fall and Spring Family Weekends, Summer Camp, Family Day Adventures

Caregiver Retreat, Camp To You Hospital Outreach program

Phone Number: 360-416-4113

Information Needed for eligibility: Please check out our application page for more information on what the application process looks like. Upon creation of your CampSite account, you will unlock a wide variety of forms and information. Our admissions team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have as well.


Available Resources: Mental Health Counseling, Substance Use Disorder Treatment Evaluations & Counseling, Wraparound with Intensive Services, Early Support for Infants & Toddlers developmental therapies, Healthy Start home visiting, RAYS Up Youth Development

  • Website:

  • Referral Link:

  • Referral Contact:

  • Phone Number: 206-957-4841

  • Information Needed for eligibility: Mental Health Counseling: ages 0-24, Medicaid only accepted, Substance Use Disorder Treatment Evaluations & Counseling: ages 11-24, Medicaid only accepted, Wraparound with Intensive Services: ages 0-12, Medicaid only accepted, Early Support for Infants & Toddlers developmental therapies: ages 0-3rd birthday, any insurance accepted, Healthy Start home visiting: prenatal through 3rd birthday, no cost, RAYS Up Youth Development: ages 12-18, must attend Renton School District, no cost, must be eligible by certain factors such as failing grades, lack of adult support, etc.

Damascus Road Ministry

Available Resources: Alcohol and substance abuse recovery services

King County Public Health WIC & First Steps

Available Resources: WIC services: WIC provides health screenings, nutrition and health education, help getting other services, help with breast/chestfeeding, and clients receive a monthly benefit to buy nutrition foods at the grocery store. Additional details can be found at

First Steps: Includes Maternity Support Services (MSS) and Infant Case Management (ICM). MSS provides health education and counseling during your pregnancy and two months after your pregnancy ends. ICM helps parents of infants learn about and use medical, social, educational, and other resources to help infants thrive. Additional details can be found at

  • Website:

  • Phone Number: 206-477-1870

  • Information Needed for eligibility: WIC: If you live in Washinton state; have a medical or nutrition need; and you are pregnant, a new mother, or have a child under five years of age; and you meet income guidelines. Your family may still be eligible even if you are working, a single parent or receiving SNAP assistance. If you receive Basic Food Program benefits, Medical Assistance, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), or Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR) you are income eligible for WIC. First Steps: If you have Medicaid; and you are pregnant or have an infant up to 12 months of age.

Character Leadership

King County Metro

Available Resources: Rideshare Services

Transportation Assistance


Phone Number: 206-304-8347

Information Needed for eligibility:

Economic & Workforce Development

King County Housing Authority

Available Resources: Housing Search, Section 8 Vouchers, Weatherization and Housing Repair

Phone Number: 206-574-1100

Information Needed for eligibility: N/A

Educational Advancement

Renton Schools McKinney-Vento Services

Available Resources: School enrollment, Transportation for students who qualify for McKinney-Vento (homeless), McKinney-Vento school fines and fees (including extracurriculars), Access to educational services, McKinney-Vento tutoring, Free school meals.

Referral Contact:

Phone Number: 425-204-2295

Information Needed for eligibility: Fill out McKinney-Vento Notification Form at

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